Friday, 5 April 2013

Chinese Take-away for Swansea Brewery!

Swansea-based Tomos Watkin Brewery - are shipping their bottles to China and their beers will soon be available in Shanghai.

It’s another first for the Swansea based Hurns Brewing Company which now exports its award winning range of beers, lager and cider to Australia, USA, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

This latest deal was clinched after exhibiting on the Welsh Government stand at the Food and Hotel China 2012 trade show in Shanghai last November when the Tomos Watkin range went down a treat.

CEO Connie Parry said:"There was a huge amount of interest at the event and I am confident this is the start of a great relationship with our importers in China and the first of many orders. We are also following up leads from other interested parties we met out there. China was one of our target markets and has great potential so we are delighted to have secured our first order so soon after the trade mission. The exhibitions are proving to be invaluable for us and have literally opened doors to enable us to trade with countries from around the world. Without that support we simply would not have won this business".

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said, "The Welsh Government is supporting an extensive programme of trade missions and exhibitions worldwide to help and support businesses in Wales access new markets. I am delighted to hear of businesses like the Hurns Brewing Company benefiting from these events and winning orders and exporting to new countries. A consignment of Llanllyr SOURCE, a premium quality bottled water that comes from sources beneath certified organic fields near Lampeter, is also en route to Shanghai following a recommendation from Connie. Our new trading partners asked me to recommend a high quality supplier and as I have been on trade missions with Llanllyr Water I know the integrity of their products and had no hesitation in recommending them".

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