Wednesday 6 March 2013

Old advertising sign

Sign in the Heath pub, Cardiff. This sign seems to have done the rounds of Brains pubs before settling down in here. It used to hang in the Duke of Wellington in the Hayes but before that it was in the notorious Custom House which used to be owned by the Burnham Brewery as a photo taken during WWII shows.

Dating it, well its probably later than 1892 but before 1901
The companies mentioned on it are:
Salt & Co, Buton-upon-Trent
Founded 1774, taken over by Bass in 1927 and brewing ceased. Became a public company on 1892.

Georges & Co
Founded c1730, acquired by Courage 1930. Became a registered company in 1888.
Davis, Strangman & Co Limited of Waterford
Founded 1792, closed 1948. Registered 1888.

Elliotts Aerated Water of Brighton

I think the sign has been altered in recent years and the name of the original brewery has been removed? The one at the top with the crown trade mark, oh well a lot more research required to identify the original brewery!

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