Monday, 4 March 2013

Brains Craft Brewery Weiss Weiss Berry

Brains Craft Brewery, Weiss Weiss Berry 4.9% ABV, £1.79/330ml bottle

Not seen this beer on draught anywhere but the Discount Supermarket on Whitchurch Road in Cardiff had some bottles on sale so stocked up on my last visit. This beer is the second, weaker version of Weiss Weiss Baby infused with a blend of summer berries.

Cloudy straw in colour with a rich, foamy head. Wheatbeer characteristics such as cloves and banana are present in the aroma. The wheatbeer flavours carry on throughout the taste and the finish is of cloves and fruit. Quite a sweet beer, not to my own personal taste as I prefer hoppy beers but this is an interesting addition to the Craft Beer range.

Brewed with Weissbeer yeast, malted wheat and Hallertau Hops.

I wonder if the brewing team were 'under pressure' to come up with this name?

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