Thursday 21 February 2013

More taxpayers money spent on beer mats

Continuing the series highlighting public bodies spending money on beermats, the latest council to do this are Rhondda Cynon Taff, now the love url actually redirects to a site called Pontypridd Regeneration at which readers can read how much public money is being spent in an attempt to regenerate the town centre. There is a brief list of bars on the site but no descriptions of them or information such as food etc. There is a far more extensive and informative non-taxpayer funded site about Pontypridd pubs here.
On the other side the also redirects to another site which is far more useful and informative than the RCT Council PR site for Pontypridd. Of course the image above does not pander to local stereotypes either!
Now I can see why councils have to promote tourism - the RCT tourism site does link to a useful heritage site but the LovePonty site does seem more of a PR stunt for the council, rather than dealing with actual visitors to the town.

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