Wednesday 17 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Brew Wales!

Yes, this blog is officially 5 years old today!
Was looking for a suitable picture to use but in the end just decided to use this one of me drinking beer and watching rugby, taken earlier this year in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. SA Gold was the beer of choice that day if I remember. Will be having a beer or 2 later to celebrate 5 years of beer blogging!
A few stats:
1279 posts, the most popular one being satire about a certain Scottish Brewery
1 letter from a solicitor but after giving them a full reply over 15 months ago not heard anything else. Best stick to cleaning your pubs, than wasting your money on your fantasies, ey Simon? By the way don't go stealing anymore photographs from this site! Still good to see you have taken your attak blog down , don't worry I have all the screen shots!

Both Twitter and Facebook have replaced a lot of the posts I used to do, still keep up with the blogging though, here's to the next 5 years!

1 comment:

arn said...

Happy Birthday indeed cheers!!

(maybe interesting to note but a certain scottish brewery are my most trafficked post also)


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