Friday 19 October 2012

CAMRA award-winning brewpub up for sale

The Wheatsheaf in Llantrisant, a runner-up in the recent Mid-Glamorgan Pub of the Year competition has been put up for sale by its owner, Tom Newman, of Celt Experience Brewery. The pub is also home to the Pixie Spring Brewery which is run by the landlord and not connected to Celt Experience.
I have previously covered the pub here.
Full details of the pub are available via the agents for the sale, Sidney Phillips.
The freehold is being offered for £195,000


arn said...

really??? interesting, wonder what will happen to pixie spring. good pub though.

Brew Wales said...

There is a rumour that Pixie Spring are about to get a bit bigger!

Tom Barlow said...

Rumor is true, we're moving to a unit down the road and are being joined in business by Gazza Prescott of Steel City Brewery. Both.Pixie Spring and the new Hop Craft beers will be brewed on our new 10bbl plant. We should be up and running by early Jan.

arn said...

Hi Tom, loved your beer at the GWBCF last june,

Where about is 'down the road' ?? Staying in LLantrisant area?


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