Monday 10 October 2011

Beer Academy in Wales


Pontypridd pub, The Bunch of Grapes has been officially named as the first official outlet for The Beer Academy in Wales. 

Founded in 2003, The Beer Academy is an international body that helps people understand, appreciate and enjoy beer sensibly. The Academy is supported by brewers, beer retailers, trade associations and consumer groups and delivers training courses as well as talks, tastings and workshops.

The Bunch of Grapes Beer Academy has already attracted 165 members who have enjoyed exclusive events including tutored tastings and beer and food matching event with world-renowned beer writers including Melissa Cole and Roger Protz.

Nick Otley (pictured outside the Bunch), managing director of The Bunch of Grapes and the Otley Brewing Company, said: “To be declared the first official Welsh arm of the Beer Academy is a real badge of honour for us. It will help us on our way to establishing the pub as a centre of excellence for real ale and will boost our efforts to encourage more people to share our passion for beer.

“The Beer Academy at the Bunch of Grapes is a meeting point for people to get together and learn about, experience, taste and enjoy beer in all its wonderful varieties. We’re really keen for more people to join the Beer Academy at the Bunch and learn about what makes real ale so special. It’s fast-becoming a drink of choice for a younger, more discerning drinker and this is reflected in our member base which is made up of a large proportion of under 35s.”

The next event at the Bunch of Grapes is a three day festival from 14 October which will bring 150 bottled beers from all over the world to Wales, many for the first time.

Beer Academy director, Simon Jackson, said: “Beer is not only the world’s most popular alcoholic drink, it is also the most diverse.  The Beer Academy’s ambition is to open people’s eyes to the dazzling varieties of different beers that they can enjoy and how to present them in perfect condition.  We are delighted that the Bunch has come on board to spread our message in Wales.”

The Beer Academy at the Bunch is free to join and is open to anyone who is keen to develop their interest in real ale. Sign up to receive the latest news and information about what’s going on in the world of beer and forthcoming events. 

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