Thursday 25 November 2010

What Can We do now (Save the British Pub)

 Found this on the web the other day. The singer Bob James was born in the UK but now lives in the USA.
From his blog:  
"I am trying to help save the Great British pubs from closing down.
I have teemed up with Inez Ward, CEO of Justice for Licensees & founder of Pub Week.
Inez has been battling to bring to everyone's attention the plight of the great British pub. Inez asked if I would write and record a song to help, which I along with my studio engineer / co-writer Tim Bushong (Lovewar & The Channelsurfers) did so.

The song "What Can We Do Now" is available on CD Baby & I-Tunes, 79p in U.K. and .99c here in the U.S. not only are landlords and pub licensees losing their homes, but they are also losing their livelihoods, and we are losing a heritage that should be around forever.
Wether you are a musician, tourist, local, who ever, we are all losing out.

More than 40,000 pubs have closed in the U.K. which is disturbing, if it can happen in the U.K. it can happen any where.

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, 40,000 equates to more than 40,000,000 (Fourty Million), in lost revenue and royalties for ASCAP, SESAC, PRS, MCPS, BMI, and song writers / musicians.
Less venues for musicians / artists / bands to play, yet not too much is heard about it, not too much is done about it, but be assured when it is too late, everyone will be whining and wondering what on earth happened, IT WILL BE TOO LATE !!!"
Well worth giving a plug to this artist:
Bob James MySpace site
Bob James on Twitter
Bob James Blog
Bob James website

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