Thursday 4 November 2010

Pub Manager celebrates 30 years with Brains

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A Cardiff pub manager is celebrating 30 years with Wales' biggest real ale brewer. Carol Robins started as a barmaid in the Merrie Harrier in Llandough in October 1980 when beer was only 30p a pint. She then moved to the Clifton 2 years later with her husband Ray and has run it ever since.
Carol said: "I never imagined I’d still be here three decades later. The pub has become my home, and the customers are more like friends. I’ve had a fantastic career so far and if I had my time over again I wouldn’t change a thing."
Peter Wilson, Head of Retail Operations at Brains, was on hand to present her with flowers, Champagne and a voucher for a special weekend away. He said: "Three decades in the same pub is a fantastic achievement and makes Carol our longest serving manager. The Clifton is a very popular and successfully run community pub and we are delighted that Carol has been at its heart for such a long time."

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