Wednesday 27 November 2013

The pubs of Baneswell

Following on from the 'Pubs of Pill' articles a while back I've decided to look at another area of Newport.

Baneswell is a residential part of Newport, situated on a hillside close to the City Centre, bounded by the railway line to the West and the Cathedral to the South. Although the area was first mentioned as early as 1444 (Paynesgate) and later as Beanswell in 1750 there does not appear to have been much development of the area until the nineteenth century. A feature labelled 'Ancient Remains' is visible on the 1833 map but within a few years this disapeared under the rows of terraced housing that now dominate the area.

Unlike the Pill area of Newport, there appears to have been very little heavy industry in Baneswell, although the Victoria Brewery (1868-1903) was situated on the Northern boundary of the area,  16-17 Bridge Street, behind the former Engineers Arms pub.

What surprised me when researching this is that most of the buildings that were pubs are still standing, albeit converted to residential use.

The pubs and former pubs:

Angel, 39 West Street
First mentioned in 1872, owned by Phillips Brewery in 1905, later Courage. Had been closed for a number of years but reopened in 2013.

Bailey's, formerely London Inn/Tavern, 13 Bailey Street
Still open
First mentioned 1870, in 1905 it was owned by Lloyd & Yorath Brewery. Still open

Black Horse, 1 Blewitt Street/corner of East Street, now Knight's Estate Agents
First mentioned 1848, 1905 Hancock's Brewery, closed 1907.

Brittania Beerhouse, 55 Blewitt Street (listed as 53 Blewitt St in 1877 directory)
First mentioned 1872, closed 1922, demolished early 1970s. Modern housing on site now

Clifton Tavern, 48 Jones Street
First mentioned 1872, 1905 owned by Buchan & Co, Rhymney, closed 1913. The building is noticiably taller than other buildings in the same street, also there is a modern development, Clifton Place, immediately behind the building.

Engineers Arms, 3 Albert Terrace/1 Prospect Place
Closed 2012, converted to residential.
First mentioned 1872
A beerhouse is recorded at 1 Albert Terrace in 1877

Lamb, 6 Bridge Street/5 Baneswell Road (Street name and numbering changed in the nineteenth century)
1872 was owned by Lord Tredegar, 1905 Simonds Brewery of Bristol, later Courage and now Admiral Taverns.
Still open

Le Pub, Caxton Place
Still open. The passageway leads to the rear of the Queen's Hotel.

New Inn, 1 Jones Street
First mentioned 1872, 1905 owned by Phillips Brewery, closed 1909.

Oddfellows & Foresters Arms, 39 St Mary Street
First mentioned 1872, owned by Phillips Brewery in 1905. Later owners were Courage Brewery and Ushers Brewery.
Closed around 2011.

O'Reilley's/Ryan's Bar/Xif/Brittania, 15 North Street
Mentioned in 1877, owned by Lord Tredegar in 1882, acquired by Lloyd & Yorath Brewery in 1933, later Ansells.
Closed around 2010, reopened 2013 as Dutchy's Jamaican Jerk Shack.

Prince of Wales, 1 St Woolos Road/corner of St Mary Street, opposite Oddfellows & Foresters.
First mentioned 1872, 1905 was owned by Phillips Brewery, closed 1958 and license transferred to the new build Centurian ph, St Julians, Newport.

Queens Hotel, 19 Bridge Street
Built 1863, purchased by Phillips Brewery in 1904. Other owners include Courage, Belhaven Inns, Regent Inns, JD Wetherspoons. Still open.

South Wales Railway Inn, 4 Albert Terrace (opposite Engineers Arms)
First mentioned 1870, 1905 owned by Phillips Brewery, closed 1911.

Talbot, 65 St Mary Street
First mentioned 1872, 1905 was owned by Lloyds & Yorath Brewery, closed 1946. Demolished 1970s/80s, new estate on site. Building was 2 houses away from the former St Woolos School, now the Baneswell Community Centre.

Wellington, 9 St Woolos Road
First mentioned 1872, 1905 owned by Phillips Brewery, closed 1953, license transferred to Lyceum Tavern, Malpas Road which only had off-sales before.

Some pubs mentioned as being in Baneswell in 1848:
Star, 2 Baneswell Road
New Baneswell Inn

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Helen Iwanczuk said...

Le Pub in Caxton Place has been closed for a few years. It was relocated to 14-15 High Street Newport (formerly known as The Page).


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