Wednesday 1 June 2011

Black Falls Republic

Was lucky enough to have some samples of Neath Ales sent to me the other day - thanks Jay! Have been a fan of their beers since I first tried their amazing Green Bullet beer last year. Of course we have their beers on the CAMRA bar at Tredegar House this weekend, but not the Republic.

Neath Ales Black Falls Republic, 330ml bottle, 6.2% ABV

Black Falls is the name chosen by Neath Ales for their limited edition brews, each of their beers is brewed using one hop variety, in the case of Republic it is the Amarillo hop.
Republic is golden-orange colour and pours with a lively, white head. The distinctive citrus and floral tones of the Amarillo hop are noticeable in the aroma. An initial biscuity sweetness in the taste is quickly overwhelmed by a huge bitter flavour with a lasting but satisfying dry finish. Very moreish.

As good as the Green Bullet? Well that has to be decided in a comparison between the two. An excellent USA IPA style of beer, the type of flavoursome ale I would drink all the time if I could find it.
The only problem I have with the beer is that it comes in a 330ml bottle - after downing the first one I immediately felt like a second! Dangerously drinkable, especially if you like hops like I do!

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