Wednesday 4 August 2010

Tortoise Torturer to open Temperance Bar in Cardiff

A man who admitted causing Animal Cruelty plans in inflict a similar torture on the residents of Cardiff by opening an alcohol-free bar in the City-Centre. Ian Crosby who is banned from keeping animals for 5 years wishes to serve alcohol-free beer, cider, cocktails and champagne to the thirsty customers of Cardiff. Well after flogging your herpes-ridden tortoises by post selling crap such as alcohol-free drinks is hardly a step in the right direction is it? I have never tasted a decent alcohol-free beer as missed out tasting the Nanny-State brewed by the excellent Brewdog last year. The Kalibar brand and other such similar NABLAB drinks generally have a flavour that leaves the gnats at the brewery feeling well-drained and the customer thinking why the hell did they fork out for this pile of piss.
When I have been off the booze for some medical reason or another (yes, Dear Readers I have laid off it for a while now and again) I have always gone for squash or other similar drinks in the pub, not some chemical tasting fake beer.
The Trumpet of Truth has its take on the story here.


Curmudgeon said...

Reminds me of the old joke:

A drunk comes out of a pub. Outside, there's a stall selling tortoises. He buys one and staggers off down the road. Fifteen minutes later, he's back. "I'll have another of those crunchy meat pies, please."

Anonymous said...

Cross posted.


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