Monday 23 March 2009

Ken Clarke MP joins campaign to Save the Vulcan

Save the Vulcan – update

From Brew Wales

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, former Home Secretary and Campaign for Real Ale member, Ken Clarke MP has lent his support to the Save the Vulcan campaign. After a trip to Brains Brewery, Ken popped into the threatened pub with the South Wales Echo and said, “I like traditional pubs, as do most other people living in Britain. It is always very sad to see them go......It would be very sad if it [the Vulcan] was to be flattened to be replaced by a car park. If the campaign is successful I'll definitely come back and have another pint!”

Full interview is on the Wales Online website here.

Ken Clarke MP is just one of a long list of politicians who have put their name to the Save the Vulcan Campaign. Others include:

Lord Kinnock

Jenny Willott MP (Cardiff Central)

Kevin Brennan MP (Cardiff West)

Kim Howells MP (Pontypridd)

Jenny Randerson AM

Chris Franks AM

David Melding AM

Nick Bourne AM

Leanne Wood AM

Andrew RT Davies AM

As well as 5000 other people including Rhys Ifans and James Dean Bradfield.

The Vulcan was built in 1853 and has many noteworthy architectural features including:

the glazed tile frontage

part stained glass and frosted front windows

cast glazed brown terracotta urinals, which are outside the pub

Vulcan pub timeline

1853 The Vulcan pub was built. Named after the Roman god of fire, the name referred to the nearby iron works.

1914 Vulcan was altered by Cardiff architect Fred Veall, who is normally associated with the Ebbw Vale steelworks general offices

1956 The Vulcan was purchased by Cardiff brewers SA Brain, from wine merchants Greenwood & Brown, together with 4 other pubs for around £100,000. The other pubs were the York Hotel on Canal Wharf (Still standing but has been closed for 20 years and is awaiting demolition), Model Inn (still open), Ship Hotel (closed), Cross Inn on Newport Road, Rumney (still open)

1957 It was around this time that a refurbishment occurred, with the pub attaining its present layout. The lounge to the rear was created by converting the landlords' private accomodation.

1967 Nearby pubs such as The Crichton Arms, the Cambridge and The Duke of Edinburgh were demolished as the Little Ireland area of Newtown was 'improved'.

1997 The Vulcan is awarded 'Pub of the Year' by the Cardiff Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

2005 A Compulsory Purchase Order was made by the Welsh Development Agency on behalf of St Davids 2 (Land Securities).

2007 According to the South Wales Echo, the Vulcan ends up in the hands of a property development company, Rapport (Marcol Asset Management) run by Derek Ivor Rapport for just over £500,000.

2008 CADW rejects calls for the pub to be listed, stating that it was not as special as other city pubs.

2009 January. Over 150 people attend a public meeting at the Atrium to try and Save the Vulcan.

2009 February. 5000 name petition to Save the Vulcan is handed to the Welsh Assembly Government.

2009 March. The Vulcan is awarded 'Pub of the Year' by the Cardiff Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

2009 March. CADW is once again urged to give the building statuary protective status due to the historical worth the Vulcan offers to the City of Cardiff.

Marcus Binney says in 'Time Gentleman Please', “Pubs are undoubtedly the most visited and the most popular of all Britain's historic buildings”. Yet in Wales, CADW, the body responsible for protecting old buildings through listing them has constantly let down the Welsh nation with their refusal to protect historic pubs.

One notable example of this was in the demolition of the Green Meadow at Waterloo, Near Machen, Caerphilly. Despite overwhelming evidence, found by research by historians, that this was the undisputed birthplace of Chartist and cremation pioneer Dr William Price, the pub was demolished in 1998 to make way for housing.

From Brew Wales


Anonymous said...

"1853 The Vulcan pub was built. Named after the Roman god of war, the name referred to the nearby iron works."

Vulcan is not the Roman god of war, Mars is. Vulcan is the god of fire.


Brew Wales said...

Do'h my mistake. Have corrected it. Serves me right for typing with a migraine.


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