Wednesday 15 August 2012

Zero Degrees Lime O Cherry

I'll always give a beer a go if I see it on draught but this latest seasonal offering from Zero Degrees is weird to say the least. A miasma of pickled cocktail cherries hangs around my pint like flies around a dog turd. Its like having a pint of perfume in front of you, Is this beer? No hop character in the aroma or taste but the sickly cherry aroma lasts well into the aftertaste. The only redeaming feature of this Chanel No 5 flavoured beer is the taste - the dry bitter limes take away the overpowering cherry aroma, at least for a short time before the perfumed cherries kick in flr the aftertaste. This is a beer to cook least you won't have to drink it then. Weird, very odd, gets close to De Troch Tropical (banana flavoured) or Minty for being one of the worst beers I've ever drank in my life.
Perhaps I've drunk it too needs maturing in a bourbon cask for a couple of years to make it drinkable!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Shame as Zerodegrees make an excellent black lager and its not as if the Belgains haven't been making decent beer with cherries for a fair few years either.

I suspect that as a novelty beer it will be bought but who by?


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