Monday 12 September 2011

Abergavenny Food Festival CAMRA Bar - beerlist

 Above: Abergavenny Rugby Club

We will be having the first of Buster's new brews from the brand new Brecon Brewing Co as well as a rare cask of Triple S Milk Stout from Untapped Brewery. Looking forward to trying those as well as the Oxymoron from Otley Brewery, a Black IPA which has become my favourite beer of the year so far.
Beer and cider list below, all subject to availability/delivery/ etc:

Brecon Gold    4.20%  Golden Ale      Deep golden al brewed with Progress & Sovereign hops
Brecon Genesis            4.30%  Best Bitter       The first brew – a chestnut-coloured best bitter

Celt Experience           Dark    4.00%  Mild    A new brew for this year
Celt Experience           Native Storm   4.40%  Best Bitter       A robust mid-brown ale full of spicy and biscuit flavours
Celt Experience           Red Stag         3.60%  Bitter   An amber coloured ale with a floral aroma and fruity flavours
Celt Experience           Autumn Valley Flower            4.40%  Best Bitter       A light-brown beer, brewed with Boadicia and First Gold hops

Hereford         Light Ale         4.00%  Golden Ale      A crisp, light refreshing beer
Hereford         Celtic Gold     4.50%  Golden Ale      A crisp golden beer with a well-rounded malt/hop bitterness.
Hereford         Mutts Nuts      5.00%  Old Ale           A dark, strong ale, full bodied with a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste
Hereford   Gamekeepers   4.2% Bitter A rich chestnut-coloured ale with fruit notes and a hint of coffee

Kingstone        Classic 4.50%              A well-balanced hoppy, dry ale.
Kingstone        Gold    3.80%  Golden Ale      A rich, golden-coloured hoppy ale.

Neath  Eazy Peazy      3.70%  Golden Ale      Very pale, easy, quaffable ale with inviting amarillo hop aroma
Neath  Witch Hunter  4.20%  Best Bitter       Ruby ale with fruity hop aroma and flavour and a smooth malt presence.
Neath  Platinum          5.50%  Lager   Extensively lagered before release, this rare cask lager has smooth grassy/earthy hop notes from the single variety NZ hallertauer variety. 

Otley   O1       4.00%  Golden Ale      A straw-coloured hoppy ale
Otley   Croeso 4.20%  Golden Ale      A light coloured ale bursting with hop aromas
Otley   O-Garden        5.00%  Speciality        O-Garden contains coriander, cloves and orange peel. This pale amber, cloudy wheat beer has a rich aroma of coriander with a slight aroma of citrus. The coriander flavour continues into the taste and is a matched by a sharp bitterness caused by the hops used to brew this award-winning beer. This results in a pleasant dryness in the mouth and the aftertaste is of hops and coriander.
Otley   Oxymoron       5.50%  Black IPA      Dehusked chocolate malt from Germany is used to brew this beer - the de-husking takes away the sometimes too harsh bitterness normally associated when using chocolate malt. A rich dark chocolate melting in your mouth flavour with a lasting aftertaste: rich chocolate and hop flavours linger pleasantly on the palette for a good few moments afterwards. A truly stunning beer rand a dangerously drinkable dark ale.

Rhymney Hobby Horse   3.80%  Bitter   Hobby Horse is a mid to light-brown coloured beer and has a slight biscuity aroma due to the Marris Otter malt used. Other malts used are Crystal and Caramalt. Hops are also present in the nose with Styrian and Fuggles varities providing the bitterness as well. Hobby Horse has a bitter-sweet taste followed by the distinctive biscuit flavour of the malt and some lasting bitterness and astringency in the aftertaste. A lot of flavour for a low-strength beer.
Rhymney  Dark    4.00%  Mild    A dark coloured beer with a deep reddish hue and pours with a beige head. A complex aroma of sweet and roast malts and blackberries leads to a bittersweet chocolate flavour and a slightly astringent finish with some vanilla overtones. A good mild beer, not too strong and easy to drink. Champion Beer of Wales 2011
Rhymney  Kings   4.70%  Best Bitter       Mid-Brown beer with a rich flavour
Rhymney  Export 5.00%  Strong Ale       Mid-brown in colour with a fruity, malty nose with subtle hop aromas from the cascade hops used. The beer is made from a blend of  six different types of malt, including Pearl Optic Barley, Crystal and Chocolate which contribute to the colour and fruity flavour of this beer.

Tomos Watkin Cwrw Haf       4.20%  Golden Ale      The taste is of rich fruit with some sultana notes followed by a bittersweet taste, which leads to a  smooth, warming aftertaste, with the cascade and target hops adding to final bitterness. At 5%, Rhymney Export is hardly a session beer but it is a good strong, multi-award winning beer packed with plenty of  flavour.
Tomos Watkin Premier            4.30%  Bitter   A new brew to celebrate Swansea City's football success
Tomos Watkin OSB    4.50%  Best Bitter       A rich red premium cask ale with a fruity aroma and distinctive bitter flavour.

Untapped  Triple S            4.90%  Milk Stout       Triple S or Simply Superb Stout is a beer with an intense black colour and pours with a rich, off-white foamy head. This beer is brewed with lactose, beers containing this were called Milk Stouts until 1946 when the name was banned by the Government. Triple S has rich aroma of roast malt and caramelised sugars together with a subtle hop aroma. The flavour is quite sweet, the lactose does not ferment out and provides some sweetness to this beer. There is some dryness in the finish, together with very slight astringency. 

Wye Valley   HPA    4.00%  Golden Ale      One of the greatest beers in the world. A pale ale with a citrus hop aroma, just the right amount of bitterness and a dry finish.
Wye Valley  Butty Bach      4.50%  Best Bitter       A copper-yellow, malty and fruity ale.
Wye Valley  Golden            4.20%  Golden Ale      A golden-yellow ale with citurs aromas and an aromatic flavour
Gwatkin          4.5% Silly Ewe                     Dry     
Gwatkin         4.5% Squeal Pig                   Medium Perry
Gwatkin        4.5%  No Bull                       Medium          
Gwatkin         4.5%  Game Cock                 Sweet 
Gwynt Black Dragon                         
Gwynt Malvern Hills Perry                            
Gwynt Two Trees Perry                                 
Gwynt Fiery Fox                                
Gwynt         one other, not known at moment                     

Friday 16th September 1700-2300
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September 1100-2300
The Clubhouse
Bailey Park
Free entry to the Rugby Club and Beer Festival!


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