Monday 15 February 2010

Goat Major Beer Festival

Good to see a Brains pub do a beer festival and this week the Goat Major, High Street, near Cardiff Castle is having brews on from Brewsters, Springhead, Roosters, Brewdog, Cameron's, Cropton and of course Brains Breweries. Not all the beers are on at once as they are being served on handpump, so when one goes another comes on and the festival is on until this Saturday. Well worth popping in if you're in Cardiff. Special events on through the week as well with Wednesday night being Pie and a Pint night for £5.95 and Thursday being Sausage & Mash Night. Looks a good week in the Goat Major. The Cropton Dangleberry being a favourite beer at the moment, though at 5% a bit heavy for lunchtime.

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