Wednesday 6 January 2010

A short crawl

Over the Christmas/New Year time decided to visit a few local pubs that I hardly ever go into. Good reason to as I found out.
First pub was the George in Maindee, Newport. Usually have one real ale on, something from Wye Valley but nothing on that day. I did ask the barman if he had a busy Christmas, "Not really" was the answer. The only 2 draught products were Carling and Brains Smooth so went for a bottle of Pils, the first in years. Now I can understand running out of some beers, but almost all during the busiest week of the year?
Next up was the Banc, a superpub that does not quite make the grade. Only HB on there so gave it a miss. The clientele appear to be those who consider the nearby JDW too posh for them.
The Carpenters Arms opposite had closed some months before and was boarded up. The Albert had no real ale and very few customers as did the Crown and the Star.
Finally the Hereford Arms, a thriving local had some truely wonderful pints of Bass on so the night was spent in there with Fido from the Lone Voice. Oh and the Cynical Dragon joined us for one. Half empty pubs with bugger all stock, hardly surprising pubs are doing so badly. Its not just the lack of real ale was a problem, some of the pubs had hardly any keg beer. Wonder how many will survive in Maindee in 2010.

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