Saturday 5 December 2009

Think you're hard after a pint?

Gwent Police have decided to take out some advertising this year and on billboard close to Brew Wales Towers, the editor was greeted by this piece of propaganda. Quickly I took a photo before some PCSOs could stop me on a Section 44. The person who is on this advert appears to be drinking out of a can and there is a pub sign in the other half. Now am I not the only one who finds this condescending? Also the drinker concerned is white. Would Gwent Police consider doing a similar poster campaign on the streets of the ethnically diverse area of Newport called Pill on the dangers of illegal drugs? Of course they will not, a drawing of, for example, a Rasta with his herbal cigarette and warning of the dangers of smoking skunk would be construed as racist, yet the majority of the population can be demonised for enjoying a perfectly legal drink. If Gwent Police really want to do some policing this Christmas then they should get out of the queue of the kebab shop in Maindee and go into the pubs to prevent drunks being served. "Protecting and Reassuring" they say on the billboard. Nannying and condescending more like.

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