Wednesday 11 February 2009

Pen & Wig, Newport

Yes I do like this pub but we are not spoilt for choice in the superpub ghetto that is Newport city centre. Brains Bread of Heaven was the guest beer today and I think SA Brain may have tweaked the recipe a bit this year as this 4% beer is more bitter than I remember it from last year. There are even hops in the nose which is almost unheard of for a beer from Wales' largest proper brewery. NB the factory in Magor is not regarded as a 'brewery', it is an industrial complex that uses waste water from trains using the Severn Tunnel to produce various products that call themselves beer such as Steal a tortoise and the 'the Cream of Manchester'. Think another pint of Brains is called for.


Anonymous said...

No Otley beer last night, unfortunately :(. Still the Sammy's was as good as ever round the corner :)

Damon Lord said...

It's been a few years since I went to the Pen & Wig in Newport, but they do a nice carvery on a Sunday last time I went.


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