Thursday 31 July 2008

Considerate Parking Award

Pictured in Newport, by the railway station is this great example of parking by a Welsh brewery dray. Unable to park outside the John Wallace Linton pub, the genius here decided to park on the pedestrianised part of the crossing! Great, what a genius the drayman is, causing difficulty to anyone trying to access the train station. And it was not a quick drop off - the dray was there for around 20 minutes before our very own gendarmerie, ie Blunketts Bobbies, PCSOs finally got him to move a few feet into a loading area. Now, you may ask whose dray this is - turns out it's owner is Evan Evans Brewery who have no connection with the website below:

1 comment:

Fidothedog said...

This Simon Buckley sounds like an idiot, the sort of chap who would get drunk and crash a car or get thrown out of a brewing organisation....?


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