Wednesday 2 July 2008

Cherry Tree Closed!

The only Welsh pub that has appeared in all editions of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide has closed. The owners of Cherry Tree in Tintern, Monmouthshire have moved to another Tintern pub. As well as a local pub, the post office and shop have also closed. The local council, Monmouthshire CC are also partly to blame for this closure due to their insistence that an old Hancocks Toastmaster sign that pointed the way to the pub for over 40 years be removed from the main road. Well done that jobsworth in the council for aiding the Temperance Movement in the Wye Valley! The Gwent Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale have written to Monmouthshire County Council seeking clarification of their policy towards pub direction signs, but have not had a reply yet.


Anonymous said...

What a shame, I loved this pub when I was in Wales, it deserved to be in every edition of the Camra Good Beer Guide. So overpaid council jobsworths are responsible again!

Anonymous said...

Not as straightforward as that. The council's part in the downfall of the Cherry is peripheral. The owners have gone to make their fortune at 'The Anchor'. Us old regulars are left wandering around thinking 'why the hell did they shut our lovely, once thriving, community pub?'. Bear this in mind if you are considering spending money in the characterless and atmosphere-free Anchor 'complex'.


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