Sunday 9 July 2017

Now and Then, the former Tresillian Hotel, Cardiff

The former Tresillian Hotel, stood on the corner of Tresillian Terrace and Penarth Road, Cardiff, and has long-since been demolished for road-widening, with the Northern end of Tresillian Terrace being demolished to make way for Tresillian Way cutting across it at ninety degrees. In this Wales online article the position of the pub is said to be the site of the Lloyds Bank Group, however, looking at the old maps it is clear the pub was further to the North, as shown below, with a side-by-side comparison of OS six-inch 1888 to 1913 map from the National Library of Scotland collection. The foundations of the front wall of the hotel appear to match up with the grey bricks used to designate the pedestrian crossing.

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