Friday 20 September 2013

Brains Head Brewer has an Achilles Heel!

Brains’ have brewed a Craft Brewery in honour of an accident had by their Head Brewer, Bill Dobson.

Bill tore his Achilles Heel in a football injury earlier in the summer and drew up the recipe while laid up in plaster. Serves him right trying to play footie at his age!

Achilles Heel is a helles, based on the popular German beer style, and was brewed by Bill’s team of master brewers.

Bill Dobson says: “I’ve been planning on brewing a helles for a while - it’s one of my favourite styles of beer. While I was stuck in plaster I couldn’t take as much of a hands-on part in the brewing so I took a back seat and researched a beer style that we’d never brewed before and created our own version of it.”

Achilles Heel is a Munich style helles lager. Combining Pilsner and Cara malts with the finest noble hops from the Hallertau gives a combination of sweet malt flavours and gentle spicy hops with a smooth clean finish. This beer has been slow fermented using a German helles lager yeast and matured for 16 weeks.

Achilles Heel will be available in selected Brains Craft Brewery outlets in October. To celebrate Bill’s full recovery the beer will first be launched in the City Arms, Cardiff this week.

Am really enjoying the Brains Craft Brewery Beers, the A-Pork-Alypse bacon & chocolate brew was especially good, as was the US - hop monster the Big Sipa.

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