Wednesday 10 March 2010

Sing with Brains!

From SA Brain:
 Award-winning Welsh brewer and WRU shirt sponsor SA Brain and Co Ltd is launching a new campaign - Anthem Karaoke - to coincide with the start of the Six Nations.
Rugby fans who feel that their rendition of their favourite rugby anthem is worthy of public scrutiny can record their singing efforts and upload the results, YouTube style, onto the ‘Anthem Karaoke’ micro-site , powered by Brains SA.
Public voting will deem which singers are worthy of prizes, and will also elect the overall winner when the Six Nations challenge ends on March 20 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Top prizes include highly sought after rugby tickets and Brains merchandise.
Here is one of the videos:
Richard Davies, Sales and Marketing Director at Brains said: "Rugby fans are masters of harnessing the power of song to improve their team’s sporting performance. In Wales we’ve seen how a rousing rendition of the national anthem or a powerful chorus of Cwm Rhondda can turn a game around. As vocal passion is such an integral part of the sport we were convinced that the concept of an Anthem Karaoke competition would be a huge hit."
Howard Scott, Sequence digital marketing director explains more: "It’s like an online Britain’s Got Talent. It’s open to all rugby fans and it’s up to them to choose their favourite anthem. It could be someone from France singing La Marseillaise, an Italian belting out Republica Italiana, or someone singing a more colloquial anthem such as Flower of Scotland or Sosban Fach."
The competition will be supported by official media partner Red Dragon FM. It will also be marketed online via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, with the aim of generating a flood of interest virally.

Good to see SA Brain get on the multmedia bandwagon: 
Brains You Tube Channel
Brains on Twitter
Anthem Karaoke Website
Anthem Karaoke on Facebook
SA Brain Website

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