Tuesday 24 November 2009

Hen & Chickens, Abergavenny

An old favourite of mine in Abergavenny is the Hen and Chickens. When Brains bought the pub a few years back there were fears that the interior would be completly ruined, what followed was a sympathetic refurbishment that took in the former hairdressers next door to produce a modern pub with an almost unspoilt appearance. The side rooms still exist, the winding staircase around the fireplace is still there, the wooden floorboards happily mix with Victorian floor tiles in the next room. If you did not know this pub had been altered then you would not notice. The real ales on are Bass, Brains SA and Rev James and a guest beer. Today the guest is from Batemans, the delightfully named Miss Lucious. The beer is also nice with a good hoppy aroma and bitter taste. Not going into too much tasting notes today as the taste buds are getting a little tired. Still another good pub to pop into if you are in Abergavenny. Some of the locals are even taking snuff in the pub! Can't fault the place!

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@KymriskaDraken said...

Ah yes, I used to practically live in this pub when I lived in Abergavenny. Those were the Peter May days of course.


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