Saturday 25 July 2009

Old Rats Tale

There is the old story about farmhouse cider being made with rats. Well Denis Gwatkin takes the story one step further with his Old Rats Tale cider. If customers ask if it is made from rats, the reply usually is "Only organic ones!" In truth this is an orange-red cider, made with Kingstone black apples and a whisky cask aroma. A very dry cider with plenty of tannins creating the aftertaste. If you like dry, then this is the cider for you. If you dont then try one of the sweeter ciders. Live blogged from Caerphilly Big Cheese Festival.


Martin said...

Yes, brilliant cider. Are you still there? If so, has he got any Thorn Perry? Try that - it's an amazing dry perry.

Brew Wales said...

Have tried the thorn perry before, unfortunately we did not have any at the show as last year was a bad year for perry pears and very little was made.


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