Tuesday 19 May 2009

Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival Beer List

Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival

Welsh beer list 2009

All beers subject to availability when the festival is open

78 Welsh Beers from 29 different Welsh Breweries

Brains Dark, 3.5% ABV, Mild

Brains Bitter, 3.7% ABV, Bitter

Brains SA, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Brains Reverend James. 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Brains SA Gold, 4.6% ABV, Golden Ale

Brains seasonal, 4.6% ABV, Best Bitter

Breconshire GVX, 6.00% Strong Bitter

Breconshire Welsh Pale Ale, 3.40% ABV, Mild

Breconshire Golden Valley, 4.2%ABV, Golden Ale

Breconshire Ramblers Ruin, 5% ABV, Strong Bitter

Breconshire Cribyn, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Breconshire Spirit of the Dragon, 6.50% ABV, Barley Wine

Breconshire County, 3.70% ABV, Bitter

Bragdy'r Nant Special, 4.50% ABV, Best Bitter

Bryncelyn Holly Hop, 3.9% ABV, Bitter

Bryncelyn Buddy Marvellous, 4% ABV, Mild

Bryncelyn Oh Boy, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Bullmastiff Welsh Gold, 3.8% ABV, Golden Ale

Bullmastiff Son of a Bitch, 6% ABV, Strong Bitter

Bullmastiff Welsh Black, 4.60% ABV, Speciality Ale

Celt Experience Native Storm, 4.4 ABV, Best Bitter

Celt Experience Golden, 4.2%ABV, Golden Ale

Newman's Red Castle Cream , 4.7%ABV, Speciality Ale

Coles Dewi Sant, 4.40%ABV, Best Bitter

Conwy Mulberry Mild, 3.80%ABV, Mild

Conwy Telford Porter, 4.50% ABV, Porter/Stout

Cwmbran Crow Valley Stout, 4.20% ABV, Porter/Stout

Cwmbran Pink Panther, 4.50% ABV . Speciality Ale

Cwmbran Double Hop, 4.00% ABV, Best Bitter

Dare Summer beer, 4.10% ABV, Golden Ale

Dare Falcon Flyer, 5.20% ABV Strong Bitter

Evan Evans Cwrw, 4.20% ABV, Best Bitter

Evan Evans, Best Bitter, 4.20% ABV, Best Bitter

Evan Evans Golden Hop, 4.20% ABV, Golden Ale

Facers Daves Hoppy Beer, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Facers Flintshire Bitter, 3.80%ABV, Bitter

Facers Sunny Bitter, 4.20%ABV, Golden Ale

Ffos Y Ffin, 3 Arches , 4.80%ABV, Strong Bitter

Felinfoel Double Dragon, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Great Orme Celtic Dragon, 4.40% ABV, Best Bitter

Great Orme Welsh Black, 4.50% ABV. Strong Mild

Jacobi Red Squirrel, 4.00% ABV, Bitter

Jacobi Light Ale, 3.80% ABV,

Kingstone Gatehouse, 5.10% ABV, Strong Bitter

Kingstone 3 castles, 3.80% ABV, Bitter

Kingstone Kinsons Gold, 4.00% ABV, Best Bitter

Miws Piws Snowdonia, 3.60% ABV, Golden Ale

Miws Piws Dark Side of the Moose 4.60% ABV, Old Ale

Miws Piws Cwrw Glaslyn 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Heart of Wales Aur Cymraeg , 4.10%ABV, Best Bitter

Heart of Wales, Welsh Black, Porter/Stout

Heart of Wales High as a Kite, 9.00% ABV, Barley Wine

Monteys Sunshine, 4.20%ABV, Golden Ale

Otley O1, 4.10% ABV, Golden Ale

Otley O Garden, 4.60% ABV, Speciality Ale

Otley Dark O, 4.10% ABV, Porter/Stout

Otley Porter, 6.00% ABV, Porter/Stout

Otley OG, 5.40% ABV, Strong Bitter

Otley O8, 8% ABV, Barley Wine

Otley New Brew to be confirmed

Plassey Welsh Border , 3.5% ABV, Mild

Plassey Bitter, 4% ABV, Best Bitter

Rhymney Dark, 3.9% ABV, Mild

Rhymney Export, 5% ABV, Strong Bitter

Rhymney Bitter, 4.5% ABV, Best Bitter

Rhymney Hobby Horse, 3.8% ABV, Bitter

Rhymney Lager, 5% ABV, Speciality Ale

Sandstone Postman Prat, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Swansea Deep Slade Dark, 4% ABV, Mild

Swansea 3 Cliffs Gold, 4.7% ABV, Golden Ale

Tomos Watkin Chwarae Teg, 4.2% ABV, Best Bitter

Tomos Watkin Seasonal to be confirmed

Tomos Watkin Cwrw Haf, 4.20% ABV, Golden Ale

Vale of Glamorgan Grog y Vog, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Vale of Glamorgan Wheat's Occurring, 5% ABV, Speciality Ale

Vale of Glamorgan Best Bitter, 4.3% ABV, Best Bitter

Warcop to be confirmed

English Beers

Woods Pot o Gold 4.40%ABV, Golden Ale

Wye Valley HPA 4%ABV, Golden Ale

Wye Valley Butty Bach, 4.5% Best Bitter

Wye Valley Summer Stinger, Speciality

Wye Valley Bitter, 4.2%ABV , Golden Ale

Wye Valley Golden Ale, 4.2%ABV, Golden Ale

Spinning Dog Mutts Nuts, 5%ABV, Strong Bitter

Six bells Marathon, 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Salopian Lemon Dream, 4.50%ABV Speciality

Sadlers Seasonal, Best Bitter

Kinver Special for Festival, Best Bitter

Sarah Hughes Pale Amber, 4.00%ABV, Best Bitter

Elgoods Black Dog, 3.6%ABV, Mild

Elgoods Cambridge, 3.80%ABV, Bitter

Batemans Salem Porter, 4.7%ABV, Porter/Stout

Batemans Valiant, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Dark Tribe Galleon, 4.7%ABV, Strong Bitter

Highwood Best Bitter , 3.5%ABV, Bitter

Newby Wyke White Squall, 4.8%ABV, Strong Bitter

Oldershaw Grantham Stout, 4.3%ABV, Porter/Stout

Poachers Pride, 4%ABV, Best Bitter

Belvoir Peacock Glory, 4.7%ABV, Strong Bitter

Everards Tiger, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Everards Seasonal

Grainstore Rutland Panther, 3.4%ABV, Mild

Grainstore Silly Billy, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Shardlow Golden Hop, 4.1%ABV, Golden Ale

Potbelly Crazy Daze, 5.5%ABV, Strong Bitter

Thornbridge Jaipur, 5.9%ABV, Strong Bitter

Thornbridge Blackthorn, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Weetwood Oast House Gold, 5%ABV, Golden Ale

Oakham Bishops Farewell, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Oakham JHB, 3.8%ABV, Golden Ale

Townes Speedwell Bitter, 3.9 %ABV, Bitter

Howard Town Dinting Arches, 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Derventio Nero, 3.9%ABV, Bitter

Castle Rock Hemlock , 4%ABV, Best Bitter

Castle Rock Harvest Pale, 3.8%ABV, Golden Ale

Frog Island Fire Bellied Toad, Strong Bitter

Milestone Loxley Ale, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Brewsters Hophead, 3.6%ABV, Bitter

Alcazar Vixens Vice, 5.2%ABV, Strong Bitter

Blue Bell Old Honesty, Best Bitter

Cathedral Red Imp, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Fugulestou Fulstow Common, 3.8%ABV, Bitter

Hopshackle Hop Shackle Gold, 5.2%ABV, Strong Bitter

Riverside Old Diabolical, 4.4%ABV, Strong Bitter

Swaton Kiss Goodnight, 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Willys Old Groyne, 6%ABV, Strong Bitter

Digfield Fools Nook, 3.8%ABV, Golden Ale

Cherwell Valley Lark Rise, 4%ABV, Best Bitter

Great Oakley Wot's Occurring, 3.9%ABV, Bitter

Hoggleys Northampton Bitter, 4%ABV, Best Bitter

Nobbys Wild West, 4.6%ABV, Best Bitter

Caythorpe One Swallow, 3.6%ABV, Bitter

Full mash Séance, 4%ABV, Best Bitter

Grafton Lady Julia, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Holland Blonde Belter, 4.5%ABV, Golden Ale

Magpie Thieving Rogue, 4.5%ABV, Best Bitter

Mallard Duckling, 4.2%ABV, Best Bitter

Maypole Maybe, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Whim Seasonal

Leatherbritches Hairy helmet , 4.7%ABV, Strong Bitter

Ashover Rainbows End, Best Bitter

Brampton Wasp Nest, 5%ABV, Strong Bitter

Brunswick Black Sabbath, Porter/Stout

Falstaff Seasonal

Globe Comet, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Headless First Bloom, 4.3%ABV, Best Bitter

Leadmill Ginger Spice 5%ABV, Speciality

Son of Sid Re session , 3.8%ABV, Bitter

Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival, Cardiff International Arena, CIA, Mary Ann Street, Cardiff CF10 2EQ

Open: Thursday 11th June 11-11, Friday 12th & Saturday 13th June 11-11

Entrance £5 (£4 for Under 26s and CAMRA members), includes souvenir glass and festival programme. For more information log onto: www.gwbcf.org.uk, tel:07807 609712


Rhys Wynne said...

I wonder if you can help. I've recently joined CAMRA and as I literally work round the corner to the CIA I was considering offering to help out during my lunch hour next week if anything needs doing.

While reading the Staffing Guidlines on the Festivals website, I read the following:

Please note that on the Friday 12th June, due to the
Oasis concert at the Millennium Stadium, there will be NO GLASSES allowed in the arena.
You may bring your own leather/pewter tankards or use a polycarbonate glass.
It's under the heading 'Staff Glasses', but I take it this extends to everyone. I bet this is likely to cause riots (ok, a slight exaggeration), and it certainly puts me off going on the Friday. Was it a condition of being granted i license or something silly like that?

Great blog by the way, I've been following it for a few months now via my RSS reader (although the the tone of the last two posts are rather over aggressive in my opinion!)

Brew Wales said...

Glad you like the blog.
Regarding plastic glasses, CAMRA have to book this venue over a year in advance, it is only recently we have been told by the authorities that the CIA falls into the designated city centre zone to have plastic. There was nothing we could do about it, though we did try to object to the rulling, it seems one of the laws that New Labour passed allows the police to declare areas glass free. Saying that the polycarbonates will have a brewery logo on them.
"The last two posts over aggressive" well I blame the weather! And it does boost up the stats!

Rhys Wynne said...

I thought it would be down to some really silly rule or other. What a shame that the authorities couldn't/wouldn't be persuaded that such a well managed event would prevent any glasses leaving the site (but I don't want to set you off again!).

Maybe there will be a boost in leather tankard sales on the day!

Brew Wales said...

From what I understand the objection is not to glasses leaving the site, but to customers drinking out of them!


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