Saturday 18 April 2009

Man of Gwent pub - not a freehouse

The nearest pub to the Brew Wales headquarters is the Man of Gwent, Chepstow Road, Newport. Now it's not a pub Brew Wales particularly likes and the Murenger House is a more favoured haunt but one thing intrigues us - the sign clearly announces it is a 'Free House'. Now a Free House is one that is not tied to any brewer or pub company and can in theory buy beer and cider etc from any supplier. In practise a Free House will have a part tie with a brewer in order to achieve a good deal on their products. But the Man of Gwent has always been tied. It was opened as a pub in 1966 by the brewers Courage and remained with them for years until Scot-co and eventually Punch took it over. It has never been a Free House and has always been tied. A flagrant example of false advertising here. Whilst on the subject, how many true free houses are there are in Newport? The answer is suprisingly few. The Pen & Wig, Stow Hill is one, are there any others?


Dave Snark said...

A good pub, better than my locals anyway. Been up Langstone, Llanmartin way? Dreadful.

Brew Wales said...

Not been up Llanmartin for ages, from what you have writen there does not seem to be worth a visit. Tend to go to the Bell, Caerleon for a good pint in this area.

Dave Snark said...

Yep, it's worth avoiding. If you go a little further up the road to Penhow however the Rock and Fountain is a nice little pub that has guest ales.


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