Thursday 26 June 2008

Rhondda Valley Brewery

A few years ago Dave the RAT sent me this window photo as he was having difficulty in identifying the brewery. The photo was taken in the Ogmore pub, Gilfach Goch.
Of course I just filled away the photo and forgot to tell hime but after a bit of research (and an email to remind me!) here's what I discovered.
The letters on the window are R V B E and this stands for the Rhondda Valley Breweries Co Ltd of Trehebert - now the interesting thing is the letter E - this stands for Ely as Rhondda Valley Brewery took over Ely Brewery in Cardiff in 1920. In 1928 Rhondda Valley Breweries changed their name to Ely brewery, closed production at Treherbert and moved it all to Ely in Cardiff. So we can safely say that this window dates between 1920-1928. Ely brewery was aquired by Rhymney Brewery in 1959 with 265 pubs. Pubs eventually ended up in the Whitbread empire.

And here is an old photo of the Ogmore pub, Evanstown, Gilfach Goch, Mid Glamorgan, when it was in the Rhymney Brewery Empire.

Original Trade Mark came from David Leyshon at the Graig Brewery, Rickard Street, Pontypridd. Founded 1867. Merged with the Newbridge-Rhondda Brewery Co Ltd in 1903 to form Pontypridd United Breweries Limited. Brewery closed 1904 and remained unused until 1922 when it was converted into a church. Pontypridd United Breweries was acquired by Rhondda Valley Breweries Co Ltd, Trehebert in 1918.

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